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A Look Further Into What I do

I will be posting more pictures and video taken throughout the years providing insight to what I do, so don't forget to come back and take a look around.


I am dedicated to continuing trapping efforts, which is by no means an easy feat. But through awareness,  cooperation, and community involvement, I believe I can facilitate faster progression throughout the County.


Every feral cat trapped goes to the shelter within a day or two for surgery.  Sterilization is not only healthy for the animal, but it helps decrease fighting and territorial nature within colonies. It also helps decrease the overwhelming kitten population and suffering in the wild.

Contact me to learn more about my work and commitment to this extremely important cause.


After recovery, the feral cat is returned to the location he/she was trapped.  This is extremely important so they are familiar with their surroundings for food supply, shelter as well as other feral's within their colony they have bonded with.


After a feral’s spay/neuter they return back to my home for recovery and once they are eating, drinking, going to the bathroom and within the standard timeframe of 24 to 72 hours they are then released back to the colony where they were trapped. 


Throughout the rescue process, there are cats that are either very friendly and ready for a home or not so feral that require a little extra socializing - I hold on to them instead of returning outside. With lots of hands on care they become lovable adoptable kitties.   

Kitten’s or cat's who need care prior to spay/neuter and/or adoption, require fostering. It is so rewarding to see the transformation of these once extremely timid felines. Fostering is very time-consuming, hard work and mentally draining when handing over for adoption even though you know it's best for them and you can now open your door to help others. 
Please consider adopting, fostering, volunteering your time or donating via money, supplies, Amazon wishlist or even gift cards for pet stores. 
Any help is so appreciated. 

My Work: Our Work

I have been making various shelters and dispersing to many for either cost of supplies or for free.  I am determined to provide as many as I can to help protect the kitties from harsh weather.

My Work: Welcome
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