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How I began, What I've accomplished so far, and my goal going forward

Feral Cat TNR and Assistance Since 2018

I have been a nurse for 39 years and always helped people or animals in need. I have always taken in stray cats, but when one of them passed suddenly and I could not save him, he became the catalyst for this extremely rewarding and completely voluntary journey.

Since 2018, I have helped 49 Dix Hills, Melville, and Fire Island cats/kittens by trapping, neutering, and returning (TNR) 26 feral cats and have gotten 23 friendly cats off the streets and adopted.

The feline population is epidemic, and being one person, I can only do so much with limited funds and supplies.  I trap, care for each cat/kitten before and after their spay/neuter and either release the feral back to their colony or foster, socialize and get them adopted.

Initially, I had help transporting cats to and from the Town of Huntington, but the appointments were sparse which although free, was a hindrance to my cause. I volunteer at North Shore Animal League Community Outreach, in Port Washington, where their Pet Health Center has been instrumental in facilitating the larger number of cats to help gain control over the feral population in the neighborhoods. It’s fifty miles roundtrip but worth the drive to have multiple appointments at one time.

During the summer, I worked with friends who have been trying to control the astronomical cat population on Fire Island and I have been fostering since the number of friendly cats and kittens needing homes has greatly increased. 

In the winter months, I make and place insulated shelter’s in Dix Hills, Melville, and Fire Island so the feral cats have shelter from the harsh winter months. 

I cannot do it without help from you. Please consider donating to my cause today so I can continue expanding throughout the County.

Thank you in advance, Linda

My Goal: Welcome
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